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AdultAdsPro adds a new network and video tutorials

By | January 20, 2014

Its still January and AdultAdsPro has already announced some news about their platform’s plans. I previously talked about them adding Exoclick to their service. As of yesterday’s email it seems they are adding TrafficFactory as another traffic source they will be integrating. They also have some new videos on Auto-Optimization Algorithms Live.

Per their press release:

Tutorial Videos for Auto-Optimization Algorithms

We’ve just created 2 tutorial videos that explain exactly how the Auto-Optimization Algorithms work.  For those of you who still hasn’t taken AdultAdsPro for a test run, I think you’ll be very impressed at its capabilities:

[ Video Part 1 ]            [ Video Part 2 ]

If you haven’t checked out the other tutorial videos, simply click “Video Tutorials” in the top left of your Dashboard once you log into your AdultAdsPro installation.

We’ve also added the ability for Algorithms to be applied to CPC campaigns.

What’s Next?

  1. Mobile – We are currently working on adding mobile data (device, country, carrier, browser, operating system) into the reports.  Your installs actually been tracking this data; they just haven’t been organized!We are also working on giving you the ability to create custom post-click redirect rules.  We will be keeping the redirects lightning fast by giving you the option to turn this on a per-campaign basis.

    Other trackers force you to do multiple database lookups on the spot when clicks come in.  This slows your redirects, especially for mobile.  What we do is only do it on-demand when you need to turn on post-click redirect rules.  When you don’t need that, database lookups are performed later so redirect speeds are not affected.

  2. Traffic Source Integrations – We’ve spent the last few months really building a solid foundation with all the advanced features for ExoClick.  We are now starting to shift focus on solely integrating new traffic sources.

I’ve had a few people who weren’t too keen on ExoClick and were waiting on other traffic sources.  But, after I convinced them to give it a shot, 2 of them are now doing $300-500/day in about 2 weeks.  Hmm…

AdultAdsPro is still in its 100% free beta period, so if you are acquiring adult traffic I highly recommend checking it out.


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