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Target the right people for your private label dating sites

We find that tracking and analysis are one of the keys to a successful private label dating site. Focusing your time on what works and cutting costs and effort on what doesn’t will help you succeed with your private label dating site. We have introduced many types of reporting in the past to help determine […]


Adwords has updated its policies for adult dating and what you should know

Recently Google has updated their advertising policies for adult-oriented content. At this time the policy is still under interpretation but at we recommend our partners take extreme measures to scale back their risk as Google rolls out their changes. For our internal private label sites we have removed anything and everything that could even […]


AdultAdsPro adds a new network and video tutorials

Its still January and AdultAdsPro has already announced some news about their platform’s plans. I previously talked about them adding Exoclick to their service. As of yesterday’s email it seems they are adding TrafficFactory as another traffic source they will be integrating. They also have some new videos on Auto-Optimization Algorithms Live.


Cash back for Reporo gay Traffic

In other posts I have mentioned Reporo as a great source of mobile adult traffic for your Private Label dating site. They also are a great source for mobile gay traffic as well. Recently they have expanded their inventory in the gay mobile space and are offering a 15% cash back incentive up until March 31st.


Mobile advertising and who to target

One of the many questions we get asked when a new partner inquires about our Private Label dating platform is, “Are you mobile optimized?” The answer is always yes, but you also need to make sure your landing pages are mobile optimized as well. While I have stressed the importance of making your landing pages mobile […]


Twitter Ads conversion tracking

When it comes to your Private Label dating site it is always important to know what traffic is working and what isn’t. Today I was pleased to see that Twitter has released the availability of conversion tracking. Conversion tracking is huge when it comes to figuring out if the traffic you are sending is actually making […]

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