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Adwords has updated its policies for adult dating and what you should know

By | July 7, 2014
Google Adwords

Recently Google has updated their advertising policies for adult-oriented content. At this time the policy is still under interpretation but at we recommend our partners take extreme measures to scale back their risk as Google rolls out their changes. For our internal private label sites we have removed anything and everything that could even be considered a problem based on Google’s new terms. Risk of having a site permanently banned or even an account is not an option for any of our sites. We are recommending all of our partners with adult related sites to do the same.

The policy restricts the promotion of the following adult-oriented content:

  • offline adult entertainment
  • adult merchandise
  • dating services
  • international bride services
  • sexually suggestive content
  • images containing exposed skin and nudity

When promoting adult content you may not do any of the following:

  • violate applicable laws or regulations for any location that your campaign targets
  • target minors
  • promote sexually explicit content
  • promote content with underage or non-consensual sexual themes
  • promote escort services or other services that may be interpreted as providing sexual acts in exchange for compensation

(Terms found here)

This does not only apply to ads but sites themselves. This means any of your landing pages should not reference any content from the lists above. Google will be checking the ad, the linking url and then the root domains. For most of these things, our partners shouldn’t be effected. We do not allow any references to prostitution, escorts, underage-themed or non-consensual or illegal sexual content.

For some niches like BDSM there is a fine line that our partners will need to be crossed and we recommend removing:

  • Any content of a member or model tied up
  • Choking
  • Any type of insertion pictures

If you aren’t sure contact your partner manager to review your content for a 2nd opinion. Adwords has also provided more information here for those that aren’t sure.

If your site or ads are suspended you can make changes to the content and submit again. I recommend reducing the number of submissions as being a repeat offender will not help your case moving forward. Google has also given a complete overview of their new policy towards adult related content.



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