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New niche dating sites

Growing our private label dating platform is our number one priority. We are constantly working hard to improve our reporting, conversion ratios, and service to our partners. We are also always looking for new opportunities to grow our platform, including new niches to target. We have been adding new niche dating sites every few weeks […]


Target the right people for your private label dating sites

We find that tracking and analysis are one of the keys to a successful private label dating site. Focusing your time on what works and cutting costs and effort on what doesn’t will help you succeed with your private label dating site. We have introduced many types of reporting in the past to help determine […]


Datingbackend’s 2013

Speaking on behalf of the entire Datingbackend team, we all cannot wait for 2014 to start. Our Private Label dating program continues to grow as we take on new partners, launch new sites, and payout more and more to our partners each month. While 2014 is going to be a great year, I feel it is […]


Get 100% revenue for your Private Label dating site

During the holidays its always best to give back. Here at Datingbackend.com we are giving back to all of our partners, new and old. Starting this holiday season, anyone that has an account will receive 100% revenue share for the next 6 months. 


What type of whitelabel dating niche to launch

Whenever we get a new whitelabel dating account created I always ask the same questions to each potential partner. 


The effects of Google Hummingbird on your landing pages

It has been a month since Google has let the world know of their new algorithm “Hummingbird” and apparently a few months since they released actual changes. Upon the release there was a bit of concern that this update would effect current SEO efforts on existing sites but Google was quick to let everyone know […]

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