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Managing your Private Label dating domain

Our Private Label dating platform offers all of our partners the ability to host their custom landing pages on their own servers. This allows them full control over the ability to market their sites and optimize their conversions. In order to connect your Private Label dating site to our backend, you will have to set a Cname […]


Mobile advertising and who to target

One of the many questions we get asked when a new partner inquires about our Private Label dating platform is, “Are you mobile optimized?” The answer is always yes, but you also need to make sure your landing pages are mobile optimized as well. While I have stressed the importance of making your landing pages mobile […]


Use realistic photos for your Private Label dating landing pages

In the picture above, which girl would convert the most traffic into profiles on your Private Label dating site? The girl on the left is a model and the girl on the right is an actual member taken from one of our Private Label dating sites.


Private Label Dating Sites vs Creating Your Own Dating Site

Many people are interested in creating their own dating site and there are many options on the best route to do so. The two main routes are to create your own dating site or create a Private Label dating site. Each have their own pros and cons which I would like to clear up.


How to market your Private Label dating site for the holidays

The holidays are great for the dating industry and your whitelabel dating site is no exception. Every year we see a huge increase in conversion ratios and paying members from November to February. The holidays are a time for family and this includes finding someone to spend the holidays with. If you haven’t already started […]


A/B testing your whitelabel dating landing page

A great landing page can really help a partner succeed with their Private Label dating site. The best way to improve your landing pages is to A/B test them.

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