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AdBucks fixed rate opportunities

By | October 2, 2013

As of October 1, 2013 Adbucks is offering a special deal for 2 of the 300×250 ads.

For the first time ever, Adbucks is offering Fixed Rate campaigns for premium web traffic at super low costs! See details below:

Vporn NTVA & NTVB  – 300×250
Size: 300×250
FIXED RATE: 5.89 M Imp for $1,200
Available Impressions: 58.9 M

Mad Thumbs Web NTVB – 300×250
Size: 300×250
FIXED RATE: 3.1 M Imp for $620
Available Impressions: 31 M is a major provider of adult traffic which many of our adult niche dating partners use to acquire traffic. We highly recommend checking out this source if you haven’t already because their ads get millions of impressions a day. For more information please go to to learn more about their services and this promotion.


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