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Admoda and Adultmoda changes are coming to campaign and ad management

By | October 18, 2013

For those that don’t know, Admoda and Adultmoda have a great source of mobile ad space on a variety of networks. They allow their users to target specific networks, devices as well as niches. Recently they announced that they will be implementing some new changes to their self-serve platform.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming:

Change targeting/URL/category for a whole campaign at once.

Targeting, URL and category will be managed at the campaign level, not in the individual ads. So, if you change targeting, URL or category it affects every ad in the campaign at once. For performance tracking and split testing, you can use a special tag in your URLs which is replaced with the unique ID of the ad, when the user clicks on it.

Drag and drop banner upload.

One of our most-requested features; you will be able to select a collection of images from your computer and simply drag them onto the ad management web page to create new ads in your image campaign. The system will present an interface where you can automatically resize any images which don’t match our standard sizes.

Longer text ads (with character count).

We’re increasing the maximum allowed length of a text ad from 30 characters to 100. When editing text ads, a counter will show you the current character count.

Create multiple text ads at once.

Paste a block of text into the ad management page and each line will be turned into a text ad.

Pause/Restart/Request activation of individual ads.

You will be able to control each ad in a campaign, pausing and restarting ads with a single click. If the ad creative has been changed, an activation request will be sent automatically – no need to raise a support ticket.

Resize your images.

The system will resize images for you, allowing you to upload an image for one size of ad and then quickly and easily copy it to different sizes. We recommend preparing your images in a suitable graphics package, which may give better results than an automated resize, especially for animated GIFs. However, if you’re pressed for time, and only have one image size, this is a great way to get your campaign live quickly – you can always update your resized ads with ads you have created in a graphics package at a later date.

One-click ad deletion (with undo).

You can now delete an ad from a campaign with a single click. If you delete an ad by mistake, you will have the option to undo the deletion (only whilst you remain on the current page. If you move to a different page of the interface, or reload the current page, the deletion cannot be undone).

Additional Changes:

No more text below image ads.

You no longer have to specify text to be displayed with your images, for image campaigns.

Images must be specific size.

All images used in ads must be of one of our allowed sizes. You can upload non-standard images and use the system to resize them for you.

Tools to manage existing campaigns.

You may have existing campaigns where the ads have different categories/URLs/targeting, and/or with images of non-standard sizes. The system will offer tools to help you bring your campaigns into line with the new requirements.

You can resize any non-standard images. You can use the old ad management interface to edit individual ads to bring them into line with the new requirements, or you can create a ‘blank’ copy of a campaign. This is a new campaign with all the ad creatives from the old one, but with no targeting, category or URL set. You can then set whatever values are appropriate, and delete any ads which should not be in the new campaign.

Streamlined interface with fewer page reloads.

Many other changes have been made behind the scenes to make the interface easier and faster to use, with far fewer page reloads required when managing your campaigns and ads.

New help and tools information.

On the left hand side of your interface you will see some new buttons. Check out the content there. We are constantly updating this area of the site with helpful tools, tips, and advice, including:

  • Targeting Devices and Operating Systems
  • Using The Campaign Planner
  • Get More Traffic
  • Optimise Your CTR
  • Reporting API
  • Tracking parameters

Please Note: If you have campaigns which will not fit into the new requirements, we strongly recommend you to start making changes now;

  • Make sure all the ads in your campaigns have the same category.
  • Make sure all the ads in your campaigns have the same URL (use %adid% for tracking/split-testing).
  • Make sure all the ads in your campaigns have the same targeting.
  • Make sure all the images in your image campaigns have standard dimensions.

This will mean a lot less disruption to your advertising activity when the new system is rolled out.  For more information on these changes or more about Adultmoda or Admoda please contact your partner manager for more information.


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