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Datingbackend’s 2013

By | December 27, 2013

Speaking on behalf of the entire Datingbackend team, we all cannot wait for 2014 to start. Our Private Label dating program continues to grow as we take on new partners, launch new sites, and payout more and more to our partners each month. While 2014 is going to be a great year, I feel it is important to reflect on some of the great features, milestones, and experiences we have had in our first full year of providing Private Label dating services.

To start I would like to welcome the 12 new hires we have added to our team in 2013. Our new team members have been added to our customer service team, frontend developers, backend developers, a new partner manager and members of our quality assurance team. Each of our new team members have helped improve our brand and have made our Private Label dating platform grow to what it is today.

Some stats for 2013
Over 4 Million new profiles
Over 200,000 new paying members
Over 30,000 crosssales
Over 200,000 rebills
Over 250 new dating sites
Over 60 new partners
Over $1 Million a month in payouts

While our numbers are growing we aren’t satisfied. We continue to improve our platform with new features and tools to help our partners succeed.

New dashboard

Whitelabel Dating Dashboard

Get all information for your sites in a quick glance. Then dive into each page to get more details. For this who are interested in analytics, we are confident our platform will provide more details than any of our competitors.

New detailed stats pages

Whitelabel Dating Stats

Here you can see which campaigns are earning you the most money. Even see which specific banner is your winner. Also our stats allow you to see if a campaign you ran months ago converted recently. This is something not many Private Label providers show. We have found that a promotional email can sometimes bring back someone who signed up previously but never upgraded into a paying member.

New conversion code editor for pixel tracking

Our new conversion code editor allows our partners to quickly add tracking pixels for cpa networks in bulk. You can modify, copy, and create these in minutes. This is also very important for making sure your campaigns back out.

New member photo resource

Whitelabel Dating Member Photos

This is something we recently added this month. It allows our partners to get member photos from sites they have launched. Any member that joins a Private Label site is given an opt-in opportunity to have their photo displayed for marketing purposes. Photos can only be used for sites that that member has joined for security and privacy reasons.

New languages

New Whitelabel Dating Languages

As our platform expands internationally it was very important for us to add more and more languages for our members. Our sites take into account the default language of the users browser, or the location of the user. This will cause the site to automatically translate into their native language. We have hired language managers to not only translate our content, but also to make sure it relates to the native speaking members.

A new marketing site


As our platform grew it was important to update our website so that new partners could learn about our platform and see updates. If you are reading this article you have already experienced the new Our SEO friendly design and content strategy helps us gain more traffic while reducing the time spent educating new partners. This is something that I personally am very proud of.

While 2013 was a great year for growth for us, it will be a small blip on the radar compared to 2014. All of our partners, inhouse teams, and mangers are ready to let traffic explode for 2014. We have a new pricing system almost ready to launch, more features for partners, better payout rates, and a higher advertising budget. If you aren’t already a member I highly recommend reaching out to our team to learn more about the platform.

From myself and the rest of the team I would like to wish everyone a happy new year! 2014 is going to be the best ever.


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