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Doubleclick executive reporting

By | November 20, 2013
Doubleclick Ad Exchange

In a press release on their blog, Doubleclick recently announced a new feature for their services called executive reporting. Doubleclick executive reporting gives a quick glance into the insights marketers will need. The report allows you to eliminate time downloading, modifying and updating your spreadsheets. According to Matt Grebow, Sr. Manager at TSA;

“Most reporting platforms let you export data in a raw format, but this means extensive formatting in Excel and a lot of coding. DoubleClick Search Executive Reporting is flexible enough to use across clients with different goals. We can create templates on the fly and export reports in a client-ready format.”

From Doubleclick’s blog:
Three ways to get started with executive reporting

  1. Daily account management and stakeholder communication: As an account manager, you can easily pick the subset of data and the visualizations you need for each set of stakeholders. The reports will stay up to date, and you can have them ready for meetings, or download and share through email at a moment’s notice — saving you time for strategy.
  2. High-level team management and oversight: As a business leader, you can see an overview of your entire business in one place. If you’re needed for an escalation, you can quickly pull reports to understand account health and spot issues — so you’re never unprepared.
  3. Market insights for competitive advantage: Another advantage of seeing your entire business at a glance: if you manage a large volume of accounts, you can quickly analyze market-level data and see which account or campaigns are underperforming. Then, dig in to understand why and get them back on track.

For more information please check out Doubleclicks blog post. I highly recommend checking out their services for promoting your Private Label dating sites.


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