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Get your holiday Private Label dating traffic

By | December 11, 2013
Traffic Force

The holidays are the best time to get traffic for your Private Label dating site. Not only do more people signup for dating sites this time of year, traffic sources also provide “deals” to entice their customers to buy more traffic.

Trafficforce has just integrated with Amazon Payments. This means you can make a deposit to through Amazon. More importantly, from December 10th – 24th, for every deposit you make with Amazon Payments you will get 1% bonus on your deposit.

TrafficForce says:

"Our accounting staff will deposit this manually to your account after every payment from today until Christmas Eve, it's just another little incentive to go and register your account now. You can register the account from the Traffic Force system, simply choose Amazon as your payment method, enter the amount and it will take you to register your account, you'll be done in less than 2 minutes.

Please note, Amazon Payments can take up to 30 minutes to post the deposit back to your account balance, don't be alarmed by this, it is standard procedure for them at times."

Have you taken advantage of this promotion? What are your thoughts?


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