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gTLDs and the Private Label dating opportunity

By | November 11, 2013
Managing your whitelabel dating domain

In the following months there is a huge opportunity in regards to the new gTLD extensions coming out for your Private Label dating sites. For those who are not familiar, gTLD stands for generic top level domain. For the most part .com, .net and .org have dominated the gTLD market while other ccTLDs (country code) such as .de, .it,, have made a splash in the market. The only issue with the previous ones is that any good domains are taken. That is why ICANN created these new gTLD extensions to allow website owners to specify what category their website falls into from the domain extension itself. For more information on what gTLDs are coming available has been marketing this opportunity heavily here.

While alot of extensions will be great, I highly recommend checking out the .singles, .date, .dating,  and .gay extensions. These will all have a variety of generic keyword domains that can be registered if you preorder today. I personally think .com will stay king, but having is much better than Currently the pricing on these are roughly $29.95 a year which is quite a small investment for your Private Label dating site.

The domains act just like a normal domain would so setting them up should be as easy as always on our platform.

What domains have you gone after?


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