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Latest Reporo Traffic Offers

By | November 14, 2013

Reporo is a great source for adult mobile traffic. Today they released a press release stating some great opportunities in Italy, France, Mexico and Argentina. If you are trying to market your Private Label dating site in one of these countries I highly recommend taking at look at these low CPC rates.


Redirect Premium Android CPC 0.013$
Redirect Premium IOS CPC 0.015$
Redirect premium IOS CPC 0.003$
Banner network for featurephone CPC 0.07$
Banner network for IOS CPC 0.05$
Redirect for featurephones CPC 0.06$
Banner network for featurephones CPC 0.05$
Popunders for featurephones CPC 0.03$

These offers are not going to be around forever so hurry up before they are gone.


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