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Now is the time to start your Private Label dating site

By | November 5, 2013
Now is the best time of the year to launch your whitelabel dating site

Tis the season to not be single. Because of this right now is the best time to start creating your Private Label dating site or really start pushing traffic to your existing sites. Each year starting in November up until March there is a huge demand to meet someone. This usually correlates with the holidays. People are meeting up with family and there always seems to be someone who asks you why you are still single. When are you going to meet a nice girl/boy to settle down with?

This pressure from family members always drive in higher profile numbers and conversions during these months. As I write this article on November 5th, I have already seen an improvement in our conversion ratios by 10% already. If you have been thinking about launching a new site or your first and have been waiting for the right time, that time is now. Right now we are offering 100% of the revenue to our partners so there is very little risk. It is also a great time to spruce up your landing pages with some holiday cheer to promote this time of year to your visitors.

What sites have you been thinking about launching?


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