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Save time with geolocation on your forms

By | October 29, 2013

Using some geolocation tools for your whitelabel dating landing page can save your visitors time and improve conversions. Each of our partners is required to add a small piece of javascript to their landing pages that will allow the traffic they send to tie in with our databases. While this code is important for signups, there are other useful pieces of code included. One of these useful pieces of code is the ability to display the location of the visitor. An example would be:


We offer two types of displays, one to say their location in a headline area and the other to display their location when filling out the form. Both are nice, but the 2nd is crucial in improving conversions. The less your visitor needs to fill out improves the odds of converting them into a profile. Below is how to take advantage of the location input.

The location input
To have your visitors location be displayed in your city/zip input all you need to do is add name=”location[keyword]” to the city/zip input. After that we take care of the rest and display the closest city their IP is related to.


If you have trouble or have questions about this feature please contact your partner manager for more details.


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