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Single Parents on Facebook

By | November 25, 2013
single parent whitelabel dating site

Targeting single parents can be quite difficult when you are looking for volume. The other day I read an article about reaching new parents on Faecbook. While this article was used to target new parents to sell to, the suggestions Cody made could be used for your single parents Private Label dating sites.

Facebook gives you the ability to target parents and the age of their children. It also gives you the ability to target marital status. Anyone who has listed themselves as a parent and single would fall under the category of someone you should target. We have found that the older segment of people tend to convert at higher rates so I would suggest targeting parents with children 4+ years old to get older parents. However you decide to target your traffic depends on your pitch and ads. Whenever starting a new ad campaign I recommend trying a few different angles and always A/B test.

Have you had any success using Facebook parental targeting? Do you have any other sources you would like to share for finding single parents?

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