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Streamline your adult traffic

By | October 8, 2013
Adultadspro Dashboard has just announced that they have released the beta version of their new software This software allows its users to easily buy and manage adult traffic. Monitor campaigns, sites, creatives, goals and landing pages. It also has easy to follow analytics and an auto-optimization feature. The best part is that it has a seamless integration with traffic sources. Their first premier ad network is Exoclick which has been a leader in quality adult traffic for years. The platform allows you to save time managing your campaigns but more importantly, push them further to earn more money while reducing your bottom line.

From their email they give a quick overview of each of the pages that their product offers:

  • Dashboard – When you first log in, Dashboard contains all the most important information about your portfolio. You’ll see a splash modal come up that has the features you need first.
  • Link Traffic Source – In the splash modal, you’ll want to link up your ExoClick account first by going to “Manage Traffic Sources”. This establishes a secure connection between your software and ExoClick account similar to how Mint does for bank accounts.
  • Import/Create Campaign – Then what you’ll want to do is probably import some of your existing campaigns. We have an import wizard that takes you step by step from scratch. You can also create a new campaign. Please note that custom campaigns that your account manager setup for you might experience issues importing. Please let us know.
  • Campaigns – The main campaigns page (as well as other pages) are accessible via the left nav bar. This page lists all your campaigns.
  • Individual CampaignsFrom the main campaigns page, you can click into each campaign and see details. Note the horizontal nav bar at the top that allows you to 1) see the general info of the campaign, 2) manage goals and landing page rotations, and 3) manage your sites and creatives.
  • Goals/Landing Pages – These pages, accessible from the left nav bar, is a catalog of the unique goals and landing pages that you’ve created in AdultAdsPro. They can be grouped to your liking. Once created, they are available for campaigns to use in their rotations. You can create new goals & landing pages from these pages, or you can do so as you’re creating a new campaign or going through the import wizard.
  • Job Queue – This is where various jobs will appear such as create/importing campaigns, making mass bid adjustments, and other batch automation jobs.
  • Archives – We don’t ever permanently delete campaigns. When you don’t need a campaign anymore, simply archive it. It saves system resources and it keeps your portfolio clean. You can always un-archive from this page.
  • Tracking – This is where you get your post-back URL or image/iframe pixels for conversion tracking. You can also manually upload sub IDs and check your click/conversion log.

Fortunately for all of us, there is more in store for this great product:

  • Day-parting – Granular stats by the hour, by the day of the week. Pre-schedule campaigns so they automatically turn on and off at the most optimal times based on real data.
  • Auto-optimization Algorithms – If you’re familiar with our previous product, we’re getting rid of “Hurdles”. We’re going to allow you to sequence your own custom algorithms that perform auto-optimization exactly how you want to as a creative progresses and gains impressions.
  • Additional Traffic Sources – Of course, we’re not done with just ExoClick. We’ve confirmed EroAdvertising, but we have verbals from 4 additional networks.
  • Mobile Detection & Redirection – Mobile-specific detection (device, OS, carrier) and redirection that you can turn on and off.
  • Crazy magic to reduce redirect times even more that NO other tracker has yet implemented

For those wanting to scale their adult traffic purchases I highly recommend checking out this platform here.


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