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The effects of Google Hummingbird on your landing pages

By | October 14, 2013

It has been a month since Google has let the world know of their new algorithm “Hummingbird” and apparently a few months since they released actual changes. Upon the release there was a bit of concern that this update would effect current SEO efforts on existing sites but Google was quick to let everyone know that SEO should be done exactly the same as it was before the update. With the releases of Panda and Penguin, there were some sites that took big hits. With this update the changes are more in the infrastructure of how the algorithm works allowing people to find the information they are looking for when searching faster and more easily.

So what changed?
The main change is the improvement in conversational search. This occurs when people ask Siri or use voice recognition software to create a search rather than typing it in. This results in people asking a question vs initiating a search. So for our products it would be “Where can I find single seniors in my area?” vs “single seniors” using a regular Google search.

What changes do I need to make?
In general, nothing needs to be changed to your landing pages or sites. The main goal of SEO these days is to create useful and accurate content for those searching for what you are offering. If you update this content frequently it will only help your rankings. The only thing you need to be aware of is Hummingbird’s improvement for people searching on mobile. This is another reason why it is important for your landing pages to be responsive so that when mobile visitors get to your site it is an optimal viewing experience.

This update went largely unnoticed by most people because it really didn’t change much for those doing SEO correctly. It also lays the groundwork for Google to make future improvements to their search algorithms. If you have more questions about Google Hummingbird and the changes Google has made please contact your partner manager for more information.


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