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Tracking Pixels for CPA Networks

By | October 24, 2013

Sending lots of traffic is great for your Private Label dating sites but if you do not track and optimize you will most likely fail. In my previous post I did a quick rundown of different metrics to look at when creating ads for your Private Label dating sites. Specifically in regards to CPA networks, there is alot that you can do to track the direct correlation between your traffic and paying upgrades.

What most CPA networks do, atleast the better ones, is provide a small piece of code to add to your sites. This will allow you to track when a visitor comes to your Private Label site and then converts into a profile. These pieces of code are called “tracking pixels” because they are actually a tiny pixel that is fired when the user completes the intended goal. To make things easier for our partners we created the conversion code editor page to manage all of the tracking pixels their sites need. This post will explain some of the features that the conversion code editor has and how to use it.

Step 1 The Conversion Code Editor Page

Conversion Code Step 1

The page can be found under the “Resources” area and once you get to that section it is currently the first page displayed. We decided to do this because it is a page we hope our partners come back to often.

Step 2 Creating A Tracking Pixel

Conversion Code Step 2

The next step is pretty straight forward. To create a new conversion code you will click the “Add Conversion Code” button. We also have a test conversion code button here to allow you to see if it is firing correctly once completed.

Step 3 Adding Your Code

Conversion Code Step 3

Here we provide 2 textareas to input your code as well as what type of code you want to create. The first input is for HTTP and the 2nd is for HTTPS. Some networks will provide one for each, while others will only provide an HTTP code. The code(s) will be provided from your CPA network. If you are not sure where to find this code please contact your partner manager for assistance.

Step 4 Choosing Your Sites

Conversion Code Step 4

Here you can select the sites you would like to have the code appear on. For those partners with many sites, we allow you to select all mainstream, adult, or gay sites at once. We also allow you to display the code on future sites on that platform if it will always be used. Allowing our partner to bulk manage these themselves allows much more flexibility and control over their sites.

Step 5 The Final Product


For this example I used the typical Google tracking pixel. I choose the “Lead” option because this pixel is used for the conversion from a click to a profile. Also since Google is used for most mainstream ads it will appear on all mainstream sites in this account as well as any created in the future.

By applying these codes your CPA network can accurately track and provide stats to you in their interface. It also allows them to calculate the CPA for you so you can adjust your bidding if necessary. This tool can be extremely useful for anyone interested in buying advertising. If you need information or have questions please contact your partner manager.

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