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Traffic Force and

By | October 31, 2013
Traffic Force recently announced that they added to their network of publishers. Apparently this happened 3 months ago but they had never promoted it. To quote their email

We added to the Traffic Force network around 3 months ago but we never introduced it, we just let you guys find it. has grown to over 600,000 unique visitors daily and is continuing to grow at an impressive rate. We felt we should shine some light on this site so that our advertisers don’t dismiss it. has 2 next to video ads, 1 index ad and a pop under. Here is the pricing
Next to video: 35 cents cpm
Index ad: 40 cents cpm
Popunder: $3.00 cpm – 350,000 pops per day available.

The GEO mix on here is very strong, the top 5 GEOS are

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Some of our partners have been using to promote a variety of niches but have seen alot of great success with the cougar and gay niches. I highly recommend anyone interested in media buying to check out this source


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