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Trafficforce has new Run of Network Popunders

By | November 4, 2013
Traffic Force

Trafficforce is offering a special offer on run of network popunder traffic. For those who are not familiar, run of network is an ad which is displayed on all networks Trafficforce offers. It is a great way to acquire traffic at new sources while eliminating sources that are not converting for your site. The current offers are:

USA – $2.00 CPM – 800,000 pops
Germany – $2.00 CPM – 150,000 pops
Spain – $1.50 CPM – 100,000 pops
Canada – $2.00 CPM – 10,000 pops
Italy – $1.50 CPM – 100,000 pops
Poland – $1.00 CPM – 100,000 pops
Brazil – $0.80 CPM – 250,000 pops
Setup is easy, at step 3 of new campaign creation, simply select “Run of Network” and then option 3: Straight Pop Under. The rest of the process is just the same as normal campaign creation. The Traffic Force team will be approving ads all weekend long so get your campaigns set up now to test this traffic.

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