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What type of whitelabel dating niche to launch

By | November 18, 2013
What type of site should I make?

Whenever we get a new whitelabel dating account created I always ask the same questions to each potential partner. 

What type of sites do you plan to launch?
Do you buy your traffic or acquire it organically?
Do you have existing brands you plan to promote?

While almost any answer is fine for these, it gives us and our partner some insight into what we are getting ourselves into. I have written plenty of blog posts about acquiring traffic but only a few in regards to what type of Private Label dating sites to launch. Here are some suggestions for things to consider on what type of site to launch:

1. What type of niche do you feel comfortable working with? We currently have over 90 niches so promoting one you feel comfortable dealing with is important. If you are a conservative person I recommend staying away from an adult Private Label site. Promoting a site that you happen to have the same type of interest in can make working on it much more appealing from a day to day standpoint as well.

2. Are there enough people in this niche and region to make money from? Any niche we have we believe there is a big enough market to work with. That being said, some are still bigger than others. I recommend picking a niche that has a large enough market to target so your reach won’t limit you after a few months.

3. Where can I get traffic? As you can see above, this is actually a question that I ask in general to all partners. This is really something they need to know when picking a niche as well. Choosing a smaller niche will have less opportunity but potentially be easier to target those members. Having a very broad niche can easily get lots of traffic, but will it be targeted?

4. How much competition does the niche already have? Most of our niches already have some competition but I believe that competing with some of the existing sites is manageable. Choosing a mainstream general niche can be complicated if you want to acquire organic traffic as it makes your competitors some of the big name dating sites like and

Considering these 4 factors can help you make a better decision when starting a Private Label dating site. If you need suggestions your partner manager is always here to help you.

What other factors do you consider when choosing a niche?


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