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Why a Private Label dating landing page isn’t enough

By | November 4, 2013
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There has been a phase from the movie Field of Dreams that says, “If you build it, they will come.” After years in the development, design and dating industry I have heard people talk about just getting a site up and the traffic will come to them. Sadly this is not the case with many sites, especially Private Label  dating sites.

The simple notion that creating a Private Label dating site and then putting up a landing page is going to make you lots of money is simply not true. A great landing page, or even a terrible one, still needs to have traffic coming into it. That is why whenever someone tries to create an account with Datingbackend I always ask them what types of sites they want to launch and how they plan to get traffc to come to the site. Sometimes this results in an introduction into a nice conversation and eventually a great partnership. Other times it opens up our partner to the reality that having a Private Label dating site will take some work. I have saved alot of customers time by pointing this out and that their plan of sending only adult traffic from Facebook will be an uphill battle. Below are some great sources to check out for purchasing traffic:

Mainstream Traffic

  1. – the worlds number one search engine
  2. – right behind Google as a great source and has alot of opportunity because so many just focus on Google
  3. – the largest free dating website. They provide reasonably priced ads which can target a variety of specific niches
  4. – the largest social network provides a variety of targeting abilities but plenty of rules and regulations. This can be a huge opportunity if done correctly
  5. – a little known but high impression network of dating only traffic. Requires manually approval to join.

Adult Traffic

  1. – great source for adult traffic with an easy to use bidding system
  2. – another great source for adult traffic with a unique bidding system. If you apply niche targeting you can bid lower than some of the outragiously high untargeted bids and get great traffic.
  3. – Another adult traffic source with great targeting and a newly improved interface
  4. – this platform has less competition and above average traffic and targeting. The level of success here varies though.


  1. – A large network of adult mobile traffic. Each account is given an account manager to help them launch campaigns
  2. – A highly targetable mainstream mobile traffic source. They give you the ability to target specific phones and networks
  3. – the adult version of
  4. – averaging 1100 impressions per second, this mobile network allows geo-targeting, os targeting and carrier targeting

While all of these networks we have seen success with, not all succeeded for each niche. I highly recommend testing each one out with lower budgets set to see what you can monetize. If you have more questions please contact your partner manager for more information.

Aside from these 14 sources do you have any that you have found opportunity with?


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