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Why your landing pages need to be responsive

By | October 3, 2013
Responsive Design

A landing page is a requirement for all of the Datingbackend Private Label partners that we work with. These landing pages convert our partner’s traffic into members of our dating platform. Even the best campaigns will convert poorly if the partners landing page is not up to par. Each landing page should display some sort of branding as well as a call to action. The call to action is usually the signup form to the dating site, but we have seen some other creative call to actions.

Because the landing page is a crucial part of our partner’s success, we always stress the importance of making them responsive. The notion of responsive web design is to create a site that looks good and is effective for all screen sizes. Without this responsive design visitors will get a very different experience when visiting the landing page from a mobile phone vs a desktop computer. With mobile growing as fast as it is and the increasing opportunity of buying mobile traffic, not accounting for this opportunity can be costly.

All too many times I have seen a landing page that has no mobile capabilities and its mobile conversions plummet the partner’s overall campaigns. Filling out a desktop form on mobile can be quite annoying. The other extreme is designing a mobile only version of your landing page. This can work really great if your visitor is using the screen size you designed for, but if they are using a bigger or smaller screen it can break easily. Also updating content can be tedious since you need to maintain two (or more) separate landing pages for the same site.

If you are not much of a designer or coder I recommend acquiring a template from one of these sources:

Of course you can always contact your partner manager for help in creating or converting your existing landing pages into a responsive design.

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