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Single Parents on Facebook

Targeting single parents can be quite difficult when you are looking for volume. The other day I read an article about reaching new parents on Faecbook. While this article was used to target new parents to sell to, the suggestions Cody made could be used for your single parents Private Label dating sites.


Why a Private Label dating landing page isn’t enough

There has been a phase from the movie Field of Dreams that says, “If you build it, they will come.” After years in the development, design and dating industry I have heard people talk about just getting a site up and the traffic will come to them. Sadly this is not the case with many […]


Save time with geolocation on your forms

Using some geolocation tools for your whitelabel dating landing page can save your visitors time and improve conversions. Each of our partners is required to add a small piece of javascript to their landing pages that will allow the traffic they send to tie in with our databases. While this code is important for signups, […]


Tracking Pixels for CPA Networks

Sending lots of traffic is great for your Private Label dating sites but if you do not track and optimize you will most likely fail. In my previous post I did a quick rundown of different metrics to look at when creating ads for your Private Label dating sites. Specifically in regards to CPA networks, there is alot […]


Make it easy for your mobile users

Filling out a form online can be quite annoying. Filling one out on your mobile device can be even worse. What is truly the worst experience is when the website that requires this form to be filled out has no mobile usability. What you can get away with on desktop becomes excruciating to plod through […]


Why your landing pages need to be responsive

A landing page is a requirement for all of the Datingbackend Private Label partners that we work with. These landing pages convert our partner’s traffic into members of our dating platform. Even the best campaigns will convert poorly if the partners landing page is not up to par. Each landing page should display some sort of […]

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