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Exoclick is a top 10 retargeting company

Exoclick has been named by as a top 10 retargeting company in October 2013. We have recently given updates about Exoclick and some of the improvements to their inventory of ad space. Recently they just broke a record of 3 billion ad impressions per day.


New Ad Exchange training webinars

Recently DoubleClick announced  that it will be rejoining FBX, Facebook’s real-time bidding exchange. Today DoubleClick has announced a series of training webinars that will help gain more expertise for its viewers and to improve their buyer experience. A quick list of the upcoming webinars are:


Admoda and Adultmoda changes are coming to campaign and ad management

For those that don’t know, Admoda and Adultmoda have a great source of mobile ad space on a variety of networks. They allow their users to target specific networks, devices as well as niches. Recently they announced that they will be implementing some new changes to their self-serve platform. Here’s a preview of what’s coming: […]


New Adbucks spots and features

Adbucks continues to offer its user base more and more opportunities to obtain quality traffic on a variety of sources. Yesterday evening they released a new list of ads that can help push volume to your landing pages. We have some brand new spots along with other great opportunities at super low costs that you won’t […]


Facebook tests some changes to how they bill advertisers

It has come to our attention that Facebook is doing a small test to see if they can improve the way they bill their advertisers. Currently, for most advertisers, Facebook bills them each day for what they spend. For those select advertisers that they are doing this test with, they will now be billed each […]


Streamline your adult traffic has just announced that they have released the beta version of their new software This software allows its users to easily buy and manage adult traffic. Monitor campaigns, sites, creatives, goals and landing pages. It also has easy to follow analytics and an auto-optimization feature. The best part is that it has a […]

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