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Trafficforce has new Run of Network Popunders

Trafficforce is offering a special offer on run of network popunder traffic. For those who are not familiar, run of network is an ad which is displayed on all networks Trafficforce offers. It is a great way to acquire traffic at new sources while eliminating sources that are not converting for your site. The current […]


Why a Private Label dating landing page isn’t enough

There has been a phase from the movie Field of Dreams that says, “If you build it, they will come.” After years in the development, design and dating industry I have heard people talk about just getting a site up and the traffic will come to them. Sadly this is not the case with many […]


Traffic Force and recently announced that they added to their network of publishers. Apparently this happened 3 months ago but they had never promoted it. To quote their email


Go Mobile in Italy with Reporo

This week Reporo is promoting some new spots for mobile Italian traffic. Buying this traffic is extremely inexpensive and can help you get traffic for your Private Label dating site.


Tracking Pixels for CPA Networks

Sending lots of traffic is great for your Private Label dating sites but if you do not track and optimize you will most likely fail. In my previous post I did a quick rundown of different metrics to look at when creating ads for your Private Label dating sites. Specifically in regards to CPA networks, there is alot […]


CPA CTR PPC CPM and what it all means

CPA, CTR, PPC, CPM are just some of the metrics that people see on a regular basis when acquiring traffic. Being able to correctly optimize and strategize your campaigns can make or break the success of your Private Label dating site. I could spend all day talking about ways to improve your ads but today I […]

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