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Traffic Force RON US Desktop Ads

As I mentioned in another post, the holidays are a great time to rev up your advertising. has lowered all minimum bids for their run of network USA traffic. The traffic is over 40 million ad impression a day. When building a RON campaign, at Step 3, select Run of Network, from there you […]


Get your holiday Private Label dating traffic

The holidays are the best time to get traffic for your Private Label dating site. Not only do more people signup for dating sites this time of year, traffic sources also provide “deals” to entice their customers to buy more traffic.


How to market your Private Label dating site for the holidays

The holidays are great for the dating industry and your whitelabel dating site is no exception. Every year we see a huge increase in conversion ratios and paying members from November to February. The holidays are a time for family and this includes finding someone to spend the holidays with. If you haven’t already started […]


Single Parents on Facebook

Targeting single parents can be quite difficult when you are looking for volume. The other day I read an article about reaching new parents on Faecbook. While this article was used to target new parents to sell to, the suggestions Cody made could be used for your single parents Private Label dating sites.


Doubleclick executive reporting

In a press release on their blog, Doubleclick recently announced a new feature for their services called executive reporting. Doubleclick executive reporting gives a quick glance into the insights marketers will need. The report allows you to eliminate time downloading, modifying and updating your spreadsheets.


Latest Reporo Traffic Offers

Reporo is a great source for adult mobile traffic. Today they released a press release stating some great opportunities in Italy, France, Mexico and Argentina. If you are trying to market your Private Label dating site in one of these countries I highly recommend taking at look at these low CPC rates.

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